eXomesh interlocking security system

eXomesh is a revolutionary interlocking security system built into all products bearing its mark.

Developed by pacsafe to be at the heart of their range of products, eXomesh uses high-tech materials and specially designed components to balance product strength, durability and reliability with the weight constraints that are vital when on the move.

The technology at the core of eXomesh is unique. Products featuring eXomesh technology are designed and tested to enable you to do more.

what is eXomesh?

Four key ‘interlocking’ features:
- Core protective cell of slash-proof high tensile
stainless steel
- Next generation nylon laminate cover
- Snatch-proof wire reinforced straps & belts
- Unique tamper-proof locking stainless
steel & polycarbonate devices

Understand how eXomesh can work within your product…

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Beretta now utilising eXomesh technology in its security products  
The eXomesh™ system is built into all Beretta Security Packs. They feature steel- polycarbonate drawstrings, which can be locked with a normal padlock and then secured within a vehicle using the snatch-proof wire.